Here at The English Tile Company we are dedicated to offering you the best high quality tiles to add a special touch or create a unique space in your home. We have many styles and sizes to choose from, and guarantee that you will find something suitable for your home.

The popular look of the baked red bricks used in construction evoke times of dedication to the labour and simplicity in a way. While we may use different materials and finishes for construction, some of us still wish to echo this classic pattern in our kitchen or bathroom walls.

These days, brick tiles are used to recreate the look by offering a great number of colours and textures for the customer to choose from. No longer bound by the classic reddish clay colours and the rough appearance, any room can benefit from achieving the style in a more sophisticated manner.

These styles are available from our online shop in a variety of colours, sizes, and finishes. Solid colours are the most sought after tiles and are often used to achieve classic looks. For those wanting to add a special detail to their surroundings, textured glass styles can be just the thing to transform a room.

We are an exclusive online retailer of high quality tiles and all our stock can be viewed on our website. If you’d like to view our products personally to make the right choice, you are welcome to order samples from us. We can offer you a refund for the cost of the samples if you decide to order from us.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with us by calling 08452 076414 or sending us a message to We are happy to help in any way we can.