Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile, suitable for internal and external spaces, walls and floors. Common in bathrooms and kitchens they are actually multipurpose and can be used wherever you decide. The sheer number of different sizes, styles and colours of tiles means you can get the perfect design for each space. You can choose from bright or neutral colours, the natural look or even something more unique like wood grain or mosaic style.

Ceramic tiles offer several useful advantages over alternative flooring and wall coverings. They are far more durable, waterproof and require very little maintenance beyond a simple wipe clean and resealing every few years. A key advantage is the fact that tiles are normally incredibly affordable, even highly decorative ones. With the longevity you will get from them even a slightly higher initial outlay will work out cheaper in the long term.

Tiled floors can work with almost any style you choose, from traditional to contemporary looks. The incredible range of different options also means you can choose a design that fits with your other decorations and furnishings.

When selecting tiles make sure you choose quality and take the time to think about installation. Tiles are relatively simple to install but you may need specialist help if you want to guarantee a great finish. When calculating how many tiles you need make sure you add a few extra to the total to account for any breakages and other issues. Remember if a tile breaks in the future you can easily replace the individual piece rather than having to recover the whole floor.

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