Bathroom Tiles UK

In most, if not all, bathrooms in the UK you will see tiles. They protect against the threat of water damage and can look fantastic when installed correctly. Whether you need tiles for the walls of your room or the floor, The English Tile Company can deliver.

The English Tile Company supply a variety of exquisite bathroom tiles all over the UK at competitive prices, starting from as little as £0.10p per tile. We understand that when buying tiles for your home, they are an investment. That is why we supply high quality tiles at affordable prices and only work with the most reputable of manufacturers.

When you choose our products you can be guaranteed of their quality. We only supply the best tiles to ensure that all of our customers receive the best service possible. Instead of simply supplying you with a cheap solution to quickly solve your problem we aim to provide long-lasting products that will give you results for years to come. They are also developed to require minimal maintenance so they are perfect for people who do not like cleaning.

We’ve made finding the correct tile very easy with our site. Our very simple search tool allows you to be able to filter out the items you don’t need and be greeted with something that matches your requirements. You can shop by type, size, type, room, material and range to see what suits you in our product range.

Some of our most popular bathroom tiles are our Aztec range. These are inspired by the print patterns of the Mexican Aztec tribe and can allow you to have history in your home whilst also modernising. They also come in a variety of colour schemes to be able to match any interior design. We also have a Vegas line which is very individual and perfect for anyone who likes something a bit different. For those of you who enjoy a bit of personality in your home then choosing our tiles is definitely a great option for you.

If you need Bathroom Tiles UK then make us your first choice. We have hundreds of options to choose from, each suitable for many projects. You can give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements or ask any questions that you may have on: 01362 695 750. Order a sample today and make sure you don’t miss out.