Bathroom Tiles

The benefits of glazed ceramic tiles

21 Aug

Ceramic tiles and, more specifically, glazed ceramic tiles are incredibly sought after for use in the home. These tiles have been covered with a glaze and fired at high temperatures, resulting in a tough, attractive coating which is available in a wide variety of different finishes from matt to glossy. They can be used almost […]

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Keep your ceramic tiles well maintained and in good condition

20 Aug

Ceramic tiles can be one of the most rewarding additions to your home. However, once they have actually been installed, it’s crucial that you take care of them properly and keep them clean in order to truly benefit from their beauty and practicality, as even the best quality tiles can deteriorate without care. Here are […]

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The beauty and benefits of mosaic tiles

19 Aug

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice when people wish to give their rooms an aesthetic boost. Used anywhere from walls to floors and in rooms including kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, mosaic tiles offer a distinctive look few other types of tile can match. The myriad of materials that can make up a single mosaic makes […]

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Glass tiles lend a special aesthetic quality to a room

18 Aug

Glass tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty, their strength and durability, the welcoming and fresh ambience they create, and the many different colours and designs they offer. Of course, people have been using glass in many ways for thousands of years, including the use of glass tiles to protect and decorate various […]

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Ceramic tiles give you the opportunity to give your kitchen or bathroom a unique design

15 Aug

Ceramic tiles are amongst the most hardwearing materials you can choose for walls or floors. They have unparalleled visual appeal, are amazingly durable, and are very easy to take care of. The various textures and colours available also set them apart and above other alternatives. In terms of design there is no other material that […]

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