Decorative Tiles

Tiles have remained enduringly popular throughout the ages

28 Aug

When it comes to decor we have long been interested in rediscovering classic, traditional and ancient styles. Sometimes we amalgamate the modernistic with the classic to create new themes and styles but a nod to the decorative designs our ancestors conceived of is most definitely prevalent. Archaeology has uncovered more ceramic artefacts than any other […]

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Creative ways to make your kitchen splashback stand out

27 Aug

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home; it’s where we prepare food, eat, drink, socialise with our families and entertain our friends, so it sees a lot of use every single day. Unfortunately, this can also mean that wear and tear takes s its toll quicker than it does in […]

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Use different tile textures to add luxury to a room

26 Aug

The texture of your tiles can be just as important in creating a look or an atmosphere in a room as the colour. There are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to tiles, from ultra-smooth glass to rough and rustic stone and everything in between. When you are tiling a room […]

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Tiles can put the perfect finishing touch to all these bathroom themes

25 Aug

There are so many possibilities to be enjoyed when it comes to decorating and choosing a theme for your bathroom, particularly when you have a selection of beautiful tiles available to buy from The English Tile Company. Here are some of this year’s most exciting design trends and ideas for transforming even the dullest bathroom […]

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The history of decorative tiles

22 Aug

The history of decorative tiles is an extensive one, one that is marked by periods of waning and revived interest. Roof tiles have been around for many thousands of years, used in places such as Egypt and Ancient Greece for decorative and functional purposes. Tiles for a purely decorative and aesthetic purpose date back many […]

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