The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home; it’s where we prepare food, eat, drink, socialise with our families and entertain our friends, so it sees a lot of use every single day. Unfortunately, this can also mean that wear and tear takes s its toll quicker than it does in other rooms of the house. In order to keep your kitchen in top condition, you need to decorate and maintain it in the right way. Tiles can help you to protect your kitchen and make sure that your floors and walls are not damaged by common issues such as food and drink spillages, water and people walking dirt into the room.

One great way to defend a vulnerable area of the wall is to install a splashback. This is a protective area of tile, glass or other material which is positioned behind the sink, behind the cooker, or along any part of the wall that you want to protect. We have a selection of specially designed kitchen splashbacks, as well as a huge range of different tiles which are perfect for creating a protective tiled area on your kitchen wall.

Our tiles are strong, durable and built to last, which means you will get years of use out of them. However, splashbacks don’t just have to be purely practical; they’re also an opportunity to add a real touch of colour, personality and great design to your kitchen.

– To add a bit of interest to the design, why not try fixing them to the wall in a different way? You could lay affix square tiles diagonally to the wall for a diamond-pattern effect, or lay brick tiles diagonally for a herringbone look.

– Be creative with colours. We offer many splashbacks in vibrant, bright hues including bright jade, magenta and red, which will make a real statement against the backdrop of your kitchen. Alternatively, you could use neutral tiles as your backdrop and add an unusual twist with coloured grout.

– Get creative with mosaic tiles. You could create a pattern or picture using different coloured mosaic tiles or simply use mosaic tiles all in the same colour for an unusual yet unified effect.

– Try tiles with different effects. In our online shop you will find beautiful textured tiles, smooth glass tiles which will offer maximum beauty with minimal maintenance, and even glittery border tiles which will create the perfect finishing touch in your kitchen.