Mosaic Tiles UK

The English Tile Company has some of the best mosaic tiles available in the UK and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients find exactly what they need with us. Whether you are installing a new bathroom wall and you need some tiles that will suit the colour scheme of your home, a kitchen floor or you simply want to revamp your current tiles then we can help.

We consider ourselves to be one of the country’s leading suppliers for tiles and take pride in knowing that we have helped many people enhance their living space. We’re proud members of The Tile Association and are a trusted distributor of high quality tiles so you can be confident of our services.

Mosaic tiles have been used since the Roman times and were designed to be versatile, practical and hard wearing. We stock some of the best tiles currently available on the market. We keep strong working relationships with all of our reputable manufacturers and regularly communicate with them to ensure the quality of our products.

Finding the best mosaic tiles for you has been simplified with our easy to use product search. You don’t have to search through all of the pages individually and pick out the ones that suit your requirements. Instead, simply input the price you want to pay per tile, colour, size and type and we will filter out the ones that don’t apply for you. Then you can request a sample or buy however many you need to complete your project.

Our range of metal mosaic tiles have proved themselves quite popular and were designed to inspire and intrigue. They come in a variety of metal types including zinc, silver, nickel and bronze and add a touch of individuality to any room. The Aztec range that we supply is also very unique and well favoured too.

As we work with manufacturers we make a considerable saving on every order. This saving is passed directly onto our customers through our prices as we are able to keep the service costs to a minimum. We are not pressured by a large head office to reach sales targets but instead prefer to be an honest and ethical company.

Mosaic Tiles UK can add depth into almost any room. If you have any questions about our products please call us on: 01362 695 750. We have a dedicated team that are on hand to assist you with any questions that you may have.