Finding the right decorations for a bathroom is very tough, especially when you consider the need to choose items that won’t be damaged by moisture and beauty products. Walls and floors are a particular problem, with many products like wallpaper and carpeting getting damaged by excess moisture. The last thing you want is paper peeling off the walls and carpets getting that musty wet smell. Tiles offer the best solution.

With tiles you get much harder wearing wall and floor covers with excellent protection against moisture. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best in this regard because they have very low levels of porosity. Other non-porcelain tiles, specifically those ones without a glazed surface, have a slightly higher porosity but they are still much better than wallpaper, carpets or other options. Tiles are also very easy to wipe clean. The only real issue with them is they require resealing every few years but this can be done very easily and cheaply.

Bathroom tiles are an affordable long term solution to moisture and decoration needs. They also offer an incredible array of design opportunities, with different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns to choose from. You can go for the traditional all white, choose something more stylish like a vibrant blue or green, or go even further and choose mosaic tiles that combine different materials for a stunning effect.

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