When it comes to decor we have long been interested in rediscovering classic, traditional and ancient styles. Sometimes we amalgamate the modernistic with the classic to create new themes and styles but a nod to the decorative designs our ancestors conceived of is most definitely prevalent. Archaeology has uncovered more ceramic artefacts than any other kind and they have proved to be crucial for understanding technology and culture. The more we learn about our ancestors the more we understand their processes of creation which breeds respect for their incredible innovation and creative power. Any artistic professional has a thirst for knowledge and insight as it makes it so much easier to recreate and improve upon the great works of those before us.

Within art history ceramic art refers to specific works of art such as figurines, tableware and tiles. The process of using ceramic tiles for floor and wall decoration and covering has been in existence for literally centuries and is deeply embedded within rich culture worldwide. Tiles of course fall into many categories such as aesthetic and functional and it is the numerous benefits they offer that make them such an appealing choice. Being so incredibly resistant to moisture, they have always been perfect for the areas around swimming pools and luxury indoor baths. Their durability ensures many years of protection even in areas of high water usage. These days of course we are not all fortunate enough to be furnished with large baths and pools, but for modern bathrooms and kitchens we are blessed with extensive choice when it comes to classic and contemporary tiling.

Ceramic is an incredibly popular option for both floor and wall tiles due to its affordability, beauty and durable properties. For floor tiles, stoneware is a durable option as well as being outstandingly easy to clean and maintain. All these kinds of tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, styles and effects from stylish and smooth block colours, to irresistibly touchable textures, to glittery and patterned effects. From the areas that housed the baths of milk for Cleopatra, to the more modest bathrooms and kitchens we inhabit today, tile has always been and will remain an incredible choice for coverage, optimal style and of course long lasting protection for walls and floors of all kinds.