UK Wall Tiles

Your home is what you make of it, and it is a great feeling when you’ve chosen an abode to settle down and spend the rest of your days in. Many of us take pride in our homes and these effectively become our very own private palaces no matter how large or small.

In addition to the furniture and objects we wish to fill it with (along with precious memories), the structure itself might sometimes need a special touch to make it truly ours. Wall tiles can do the job wonderfully, in addition to providing a functional surface that does not require much maintenance or cleaning to stay looking good.

The English Tile Company offers a great selection of tiles for every corner of your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are instantly transformed with any of our products. If you take a look at all we have to offer, you will clearly see why.

Perhaps you wish for a clean and elegant look to surround you. If so, consider our Purbeck porcelain range. This is a versatile product suitable for both floors and walls, which looks great, natural, and serene.

If your style calls for added luxury in a subtle manner, consider our glazed ceramic varieties, which are available in many colours to complement or highlight features. Otherwise, take a look at the glass in plain or textured finishes, guaranteed to provide you a serene environment in light pastel tones.

Bold personalities need to be matched with bold colours and designs in décor. We have the perfect answers for these cases in our ceramic ranges. Rich colours such as Buckingham green, dark turquoise, iris, and marmalade are sure to please anyone wanting to make a statement.

You can even purchase different colours of the same type of UK wall tiles and create your own design. Installation is not too difficult, and should you take the project as a DIY endeavour, you can be sure to feel quite accomplished after the work is done. Otherwise, finding a competent and reliable professional to install the product should not be very difficult.

If you’d like to obtain advice regarding your next tiling project, have any questions or require additional information about our products or company, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are friendly, and happy to be of service whatever your needs. We are available by telephone at 08452 076414, by email at, or by filling out and submitting a message through the contact form located on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and of aiding you to fulfil your tile needs.