The texture of your tiles can be just as important in creating a look or an atmosphere in a room as the colour. There are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to tiles, from ultra-smooth glass to rough and rustic stone and everything in between. When you are tiling a room you will always need to take this factor into account before deciding which tiles you want to invest in.

Your tile texture will depend on the type of effect you are trying to create in the room. Stone tiles with a slightly rough texture will look stunning in a natural, rustic themed room, metal tiles look sleek and contemporary, ceramic tiles look sleek and clean, and smooth glass tiles reflect light back into the room with an array of stunning colours. If you prefer neutral colours, you can use mosaic tiles or another type of tile with an interesting texture to create a contrasting feature wall without having to use different colours.

The right texture of tile will add greatly to the overall visual effect and by playing with a variety of different textures in a room, you can create some truly beautiful effects – for example, a rustic slate tiled floor topped off with a soft rug will make any room feel really luxurious.

Not only does the texture of a tile add to the room’s tactile and aesthetic appeal, it can also have real practical benefits. Tiles which have a fairly rough or rustic texture are good choices for floors, as they add more traction and can help to make the room safer. Whether you need tiles for your bathroom floor and are concerned about your children getting out of the bath with wet feet or requiring kitchen tiles that you can walk on with wet shoes after coming in from the rain, a textured tile floor will give you more peace of mind knowing that the chances of slipping over have been minimised.