Wall Tiles

Wall tiles look fantastic in every kitchen and offer a stunning array of advantages. Paint and wallpaper can start to show their age quickly, especially when used in an environment where heat and moisture are regularly present. Wallpaper also has the additional unfortunate quality that it can hold the smells of what you have been cooking. The last thing you want is to walk into the kitchen and find that the wallpaper has yellowed and has a greasy smell. Tiles on the other hand are impervious and can easily be wiped clean. They will keep looking great for years and require very little upkeep.

The English Tile Company is one of the largest providers of kitchen wall tiles in the UK. We offer a huge range of products, in practically every colour, size and design. You can choose natural colours, eye-catching designs or something completely unique that will make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Our speciality Aztec mosaic tiles are incredible, made from small pieces of stone and glass to provide a stunning finish. The different materials produce an incredibly effect in the right light, with the glass pieces creating colours and the stone adding depth. With several different coloured tiles available there is a great number of design opportunities.

All of our wall tiles are high quality but available at incredibly discounted prices. With us you can revolutionise the decoration in your kitchen and save money in comparison to other suppliers. To make choosing the perfect tiles even easier we let you choose a selection of samples so you can see what they will look like on your walls. Up to five samples can be ordered and if you choose to purchase tiles you can redeem their cost against the price of your tiling.

Our kitchen wall tiles can be delivered anywhere in the UK, with standard delivery costing just £8. All orders over £100 come with free delivery so you can save even more. Most orders are dispatched the same day, unless they need to be specially shipped in. With tiles available in a wide range of sizes there is sure to be something for every property. We have such a large stock of many items that we can cater for private or trade orders. Please browse the website and see what we have to offer. To place an order call 08452 076414 or use the secure service on our website.