The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to find tiling because they are imperviousness to moisture. Most other wall and floor covers, whether it is wallpaper or carpeting, are susceptible to higher levels of wear when in regular proximity to moisture and water. Paper can peel from walls and carpets can get damp and quickly start to smell and be unpleasant. Tiles on the other hand are hard wearing and can be cleaned incredibly easily. They are much more hygienic than other options and also open up a whole range of different style options.

An important thing to consider when you look into bathroom tiles is the shade and design you want. Lighter coloured tiles can reflect more light and help to make smaller spaces seem bigger. If you want an airy, spacious feel for your room pale and softer colours are the perfect choice. Darker shades might look nice but you need to be sure you have enough lighting in place if you do choose them. It is also wise to note that darker colours can make your bathroom feel more cramped.

Different tile sizes mean you can decorate any sized bathroom and create your own unique designs. It is important to choose the right size tiling to minimise installation times and maximise the style benefits. The last thing you want it a huge number of grouting lines because you’ve chosen tiles that are too small for the space. Remember tiling needs to be resealed every few years and this can cause a great deal of extra work for you if you don’t select appropriately sized tiles at the beginning.

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